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I was blessed to have an inspiring and revealing angel reading with Kimberlee Moore. The cards chosen were precisely in sync with overall happenings in my life and consciousness. Her intuitive counseling touched my heart and soul with an inner revelation. Tears rolled down my face when she told me she connected with the energy of my dear friend who had passed and that this loved one in spirit is now one of my spirit guides. I am so grateful for Kimberlee’s insight and her connection to spiritual energy as she truly helped me see my higher self. Namaste 🙏    


I have had back pain for many years, which caused me to take a lot of pain medication over time. I can't believe how well I am doing since having acupuncture for my lower back pain. It has been months and I have not had to take any pain meds and can sleep so well with out waking up to pain. Thank you Kimberlee 

C. N. C.
Dearest Kimberlee, I am truly in awe since my session yesterday. The cards that you pulled for me were perfect; I feel that the reading was spot on for me, it was so enlightening, hopeful and so meaningful that it has left me speechless (which is a shocker).
I want you to know that I am so grateful, I can't thank you enough for your guidance, compassion, insight, and especially for peaceful presence. Please know that everything that you shared with me really resonated with me, and I was thrilled that you connected with a wonderful friend who recently passed away.


For years I have been suffering with anxiety. Since having acupuncture and practicing meditation that Kimberlee taught me, I have less anxiety and are particiapting in social activities more. It feels so good to feel some peace and have tools that help with stress reduction. Kimberlee has taughter me many meditation practices, how to using the tuning fork on acupuncture points for strees, tapping technique to release stress and anxiety, as well as how important it is to take time to get out in nature and do things that are fun and enliven my life. Thank you Kimberlee for all that you have done for me. Your caring has helped me to have a better quality of life.  

D. T.

I had the honor of having an angel reading from Kimderlee. Kimberlee is such an amazing gifted beautiful soul. I wasn’t sure how a reading would work over the phone, but it was inspiring and spot on. The cards she pulled were precisely what I have been experiencing in my life. The affirmation of the cards was an emotional experience for me and Kimberlee’s compassionate heart and intuitive guidance is a gift that I am thankful for.


I would like to thank Kimberlee for her sacred reading with me. First and foremost , I would like to say that Kimberlee is very kind and gentle with you, your spirit and your soul. Her intuitiveness and authenticity are palpable . My sacred reading with Kimberly was meaningful, purposeful, emotional, personal, insightful and resonated very strongly with me. 💝

J. T.

Thank you Kimberlee for the most amazing experience! I loved my reading and it was spot on. I felt that I was in very loving hands when receiving the messages meant for me from Kimberlee.


"Every time I step into Kimberlee’s care, I walk away feeling a return to my wholeness, my unique personal balance of body mind and Spirit. Kimberlee has always been spot on with the treatment suggested for the acupuncture. Upon arrival at each session, Kimberlee compassionately listens to my needs and concerns in a sensitive, caring way. Kimberlee then shares her additional observations and intuitive sense of what would serve me best, and combines these into the treatment. I always feel renewed with a deep, much needed peace and relaxation from the acupuncture sessions in and of themselves. There is an addition of the sound healing which I personally experienced as most profound. One may wish to add this to the treatment as well, but it isn’t necessary in order for one to have an effective and most satisfactory session. I fully trust Kimberlee, and have always enjoyed and benefited from every experience of her care."


"I’ve been fortunate enough to experience many of the healing modalities that Kimberlee offers. Sound healing, acupuncture and meditation have provided a profound energy healing experience; each session has left me feeling more grounded and centered within my own body. Time on the table has allowed me to quiet my mind, look inward and helped me connect to my soul. I look forward to my next session with Kimberlee."


"I have seen many acupuncturists over the last 10+ years for a variety of reasons and overall well-being. Some have been good, some even great, but none even come close to the care that I receive from Kimberlee. Her knowledge, her compassion, her skills in a wide array of modalities, along with her personalized and caring treatment are second to none. I used to live only minutes from her office, but moved 90 minutes away about a year ago and still continue to go see her regularly because she is that good. I can't recommend her highly enough, she is true healer and in a class of her own!" 


"I have been going to Kimberlee for acupuncture treatments for several years. I have received treatments that have helped with various issues such as back, knee, and elbow pain, grief and emotional pain, and everyday stress. At every session Kimberlee treats the entire person not just the specific ache or pain. Kimberlee is a gentle kindhearted empathic practitioner who treats all aspects of health; physical, mental, and emotional. I have been to other acupuncturists and she is by far the best!"


"I met Kimberlee Moore in the Spring of 2018 during my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training where Kimberlee was a guest speaker and also led us through Sound Immersion workshop. Since then I have visited Kimberlee for a private acupuncture appointments as well as sound healing treatments. Both are AMAZING. First, the space where Kimberlee sees her patients is very sacred, the energy that one feels as soon as entering the space is very peaceful, calming and healing. Kimberlee is a beautiful soul and the time you get to spend with her is precious. The first time I had an acupuncture session with Kimberlee, I was struggling with my sinuses and I am happy to report that I have not had a sinus headache yet! Kimberlee has helped me with food cravings as well as some of the emotional struggles I was going through. If you are thinking of making an appointment with Kimberlee, please do not hesitate! The treatments are very reasonably priced. Every time I leave her space, I feel like I just came back from a vacation - I am not exaggerating!"


"I feel very fortunate to have the care of Kimberlee Moore's healing sessions. Her warm, and knowledgeable care always leaves me feeling healed and nurtured. Kimberlee has helped me to look more deeply into my own well being. She listens to my concerns, asks excellent questions and explains her procedures, making sure that the session is exactly what is needed for my concerns and her wise understanding of what is needed for my care. I trust Kimberlee and highly recommend the addition of Kimberlee's sound healing to the acupuncture session. It adds profoundly to the experience and leaves me feeling whole, deeply well and balanced"